subsidies and grants for solar panels

Grants and Aid for Solar Panels

On the path to a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, solar panels emerge as a smart solution for both homes and businesses to access a clean and efficient energy source. However, this transition to solar energy not only signifies a significant…

Solar Energy: Everything you ned to know

Solar energy has undergone a remarkable evolution since its beginnings in Ancient Greece, becoming the undisputed protagonist of the current energy revolution. In particular, photovoltaic energy has emerged as an efficient and sustainable option that continues to gain ground in…

Ubora and Activacar, united for mobility and sustainable energy

In a world where sustainability and environmental awareness have become priorities, strategic alliances between companies promise greener and more innovative business practices. That is why Ubora Solar and Activacar have decided to join forces with the aim of accelerating the…

Ubora and AGLA: Together for a more sustainable future

Ubora Solar and AGLA (Asociación de Gasolineras Libres) have reached a collaboration agreement between both companies under special conditions for all their associates. This strategic alliance aims to promote the use of renewable energies and encourage energy self-consumption in the…

Solar panels in Axarquía: Installation and benefits

In recent times, the adoption of solar energy has significantly increased in Spain, especially in the southern region of the country. Among the areas that have experienced the greatest growth in this regard is the Axarquía, located in the province…

Solar panels installation in Marbella

In recent years, solar energy has become an increasingly popular and viable alternative forn clean, sustainable and renewable energy generation. In this sense, we are pleased to share with our readers a new solar panels installation in Marbella, which has…

Characteristics of our solar panels

The essential element of a self-consumption project are the solar panels, the profitability of the installation will largely depend on these. Therefore, we consider it important that our readers know the different characteristics, based on which their performance, effectiveness and…

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