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Solar Panels

Convert sunlight into clean energy using the most resistant solar panels and with the best guarantees on the market.

Solarwatt uses glass panels. In an installation of any size, what the client is buying is not kWp, what he/she really expects is to produce an annual quantity of kWh in a safe, reliable and guaranteed way. A good self-consumption system is one that provides the end customer with the expected results in terms of profitability and energy independence. Solarwatt improves on them.

Any investment always implies two adjacent concepts: Profitability and Risk. The only way to guarantee profitability is to eliminate risk. And that is achieved with quality products. Solarwatt is the option you deserve.

Their panels have a 30-year product and performance guarantee, in addition to an insurance policy with full coverage free of charge for the first 5 years of its usable life, and this is true because Solarwatt manufactures to the highest German excellence standards.

  • Glass Glass Panel

    Glass Glass Panel

    Quality and robustness with the best reliability. Thanks to their modern design, Solarwatt's double glass modules offer the highest long-term performance. They are robust and more resistant than their predecessors. Bifacial PERC semi-cells allow modules to be optimized for maximum performance. The cells are almost indestructibly integrated into the Glass-Glass laminate and are therefore optimally protected against all weather effects and mechanical stress. Therefore, Solarwatt can offer a 30-year guarantee on production and product quality. Solarwatt Full Coverage Insurance is included completely free of charge for 5 years. It insures almost all risks and takes effect even if the modules do not generate electricity or produce less than expected.

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  • Polymer Glass Panel

    Polymer Glass Panel

    The best price-performance ratio With the classic range, Solarwatt offers affordable, robust and high-performance PV modules of proven quality. They are durable, as well as resistant to the effects of weather and environmental agents. The classic modules are manufactured on state-of-the-art production lines following Solarwatt's high quality standards. Therefore, they will generate solar energy well beyond the warranty period. The modules come with a solid 15-year product guarantee.

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Solar Batteries

Use our batteries to store the surplus of green energy generated during the day to use it in the most efficient way possible, and thus guarantee the electricity supply to your home.

A battery integrates with your self-consumption system to store the excess energy generated during the day and supply it when necessary, to achieve a minimum dependence on the electric grid and increase self-sufficiency.

Lithium Ion Batteries have advantages over conventional batteries. They have a high discharge capacity and a minimum self-discharge rate. Due to their high energy density, they manage to accumulate a greater charge, without the need for maintenance.

  • Sonnen Battery

    Sonnen Battery

    The sonnenBatterie not only stores green energy but also thinks for itself. This smart storage system maximizes the use of all the solar energy that reaches your home. Start touring a sustainable future with sonnenBatterie Made in Germany. With the sonnenBatterie you use your solar energy 24 hours a day. Your self-consumption is optimized through a predictive process that considers the weather forecast and the historical records of your consumption. In their energy storage systems, they only use long-life lithium iron phosphate cells. They are free of cobalt and other heavy metals and are particularly durable. Sonnen has installed more than 80,000 units of these batteries, so they have proven their quality. That is why they can offer a 10-year guarantee on all components.

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  • Riello Battery

    Riello Battery

    Riello introduces its innovative RS Hybrid 6.0 hybrid inverter, designed for residential applications and equipped with an energy storage system using lithium-ion battery modules.

    These single-phase units not only enhance the functions of an On Grid photovoltaic system but also provide backup with the option to allocate a preferred line to specific loads during power outages.

    With an attractive design and easy plug & play installation, the system allows storing the solar energy accumulated in up to 6 modules of 5.12 kWh in parallel configuration, ensuring autonomy in hours of low solar radiation and promoting energy saving. Independent of the power grid, this system offers an efficient and sustainable solution for homes.

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Charging points

You can generate your own 100% renewable energy to charge electric vehicles and get the most efficient and economical energy for your home or business.

Ubora offers top quality charging points for electric vehicles and brands that are fully consolidated in this sector, offering smart features such as active load balancing to ensure the integration of the charger into the electrical installation of your home.

It is time to join electric mobility, hand in hand with quality. The future is electric, and it is now.

  • Eve Single Pro-line (Three-phase)

    Eve Single Pro-line (Three-phase)

    Alfen's Eve Single Pro range of chargers have been designed to offer a compact solution for home and business without compromising any of Alfen's smart standards.

    The 22kW rated plug is housed in a stylish polycarbonate case that is lightweight yet durable. The charger can be wall or pole mounted to suit your needs.

    The charger incorporates user authentication options, but also allows easy access to “Plug&Charge”, so users can access usage data through any web-enabled device.

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  • Eve Single S-line (Monophase)

    Eve Single S-line (Monophase)

    Alfen's Eve Single S line has been specifically designed for home use, offering the benefits of genuine smart functionality at an affordable price. Its single 7.4 kWh charging socket is housed in a compact polycarbonate case that is lightweight yet durable.

    The charger can be wall or pole mounted depending on your needs. A fixed cable version is also available that comes with storage for the connector and cable.

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