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It converts sunlight into clean energy through the most resistant and guaranteed solar panels on the market.

Solarwatt uses glass panels. In an installation of any size, what the customer is buying is not kWp, what they are expecting is to produce an annual amount of kWh safely, reliably and guaranteed. A good self-consumption system is the one that provides the end customer with the results he expected in terms of cost-effectiveness and energy independence. Solarwatt improves them.

Two concepts are always associated with an investment: Profitability and Risk. The only way to ensure profitability is to eliminate risk. And that is achieved with quality products. Solarwatt is the choice you deserve.

Its panels have a product guarantee and 30-year performance, in addition to an insurance policy of full coverage free of charge for the first 5 years This is because Solarwatt manufactures to the highest German standards of excellence.

  • Glass Panel Glass

    installation of solar panels Rincon de la Victoria

    Quality and robustness with the highest reliability. Thanks to their modern design, Solarwatt double-glazed modules offer the highest long-term yields. They are robust and more resistant than their predecessors. The bifacial PERC half-cells allow the modules to be optimised for maximum yield. The cells are almost indestructibly integrated in the glass-glass laminate and are therefore optimally protected against all climatic effects and mechanical stress. Solarwatt can therefore offer a 30-year guarantee on production and product quality. The Solarwatt Full Coverage Insurance is included free of charge for 5 years. It insures almost all risks and takes effect even if the modules do not generate electricity or produce less than expected.

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  • Polymer Glass Panel

    photovoltaic solar panels in Rincon de la Victoria

    The best price-performance ratio With the classic range, Solarwatt offers affordable, robust and high-performance photovoltaic modules of proven quality. They are durable and resistant to weather and environmental influences. The classic modules are manufactured on state-of-the-art production lines and meet Solarwatt's high quality standards. Therefore, they will generate solar power well beyond the warranty period. The modules come with a solid product warranty of 15 years.

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Solar panels installers Rincon de la Victoria

Why go solar

The energy market, its lobbies and geopolitics motivate constantly changing and rising tariffs for energy, a basic commodity for any household. The logic of this market, moreover, always puts economic profit before environmental benefit. It is time for consumers to take control of their energy consumption and spending.

  • Reduce tus facturas de electricidad

    Reduce your electricity bills

    Say goodbye to the abusive tariffs of the big energy companies.

  • Disminuye tu huella de CO2

    Reduce your CO2 footprint

    Contribute and inspire others to conserve life on our planet.

  • Carga tus vehículos eléctricos

    Charge your electric vehicles

    With our fast charging systems and from the energy you generate yourself.

  • Aumenta el valor de tu propiedad

    Increase the value of your property

    Whichever way you look at it, Ubora is a safe investment.

An APP with which you can control it all Monitor your production and energy consumption

We help you get the most out of your installation. With our APP, you can monitor your energy production and manage your consumption and your dependence on the grid in real time.

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Yes, it's made in Europe!

In this market, as in all markets, there are many qualities. That is why at Ubora we only work with the most reputable brands such as Solarwatt, the German giant and pioneer in electrical energy, with 28 years of experience and of whom we are proud to be a "Premium Partner".

Solarwatt Premium Partner
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  • empresa de placas solares en Rincon de la Victoria
  • Always at peak performance
    30 years Panel Warranty 87% minimum yield and cover against damage and defects for the first 30 years.
  • Whatever happens
    5 years Comprehensive insurance Complete installation covered by AON for any damage.
  • A fair weather is a fair weather
    10 years Battery Warranty Sonnen's guaranteed coverage for any damage
  • Made in Europe to last
    15 years Investor guarantee Replacement of parts in case of breakdown and the best technical service
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Some of our facilities
  • placas-solares-totalan Totalán, Málaga 54 modules, installed power 29.45 kWp
  • PTA Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía S.A, Málaga 152 modules, installed power 82.84 kWp
  • instalacion-comunidad-malaga CP Hernando de Baeza, Málaga 76 modules, installed power 30.40 kWp
  • Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer, Fuengirola 14 modules, installed power 6.44 kWp
  • Áridos y Transportes Cabaña S.L, Huelva 248 modules, installed power 114.08 kWp
  • Mijas, Málaga 32 modules with battery, installed power 12.96 kWp
  • Lodaisa S.C.A, Granada 110 modules, installed power 59.95 kWp
  • Fuengirola, Málaga 15 modules, installed power 6 kWp
  • Benalmádena, Málaga 28 modules with battery, installed power 12.88 kWp
  • Málaga 24 modules with battery, installed power 9.6 kWp
  • Colegio Puertosol, Málaga 150 modules, installed power 69 kWp
  • La Finca, Marbella 26 modules, installed power 10.54 kWp
  • Periana, Axarquía 10 modules, installed power 4 kWp
  • Málaga 10 modules with battery, installed power 4 kWp
  • Bic Euronova S.A, Málaga 80 modules, installed power 36.80 kWp
  • Marbella 31 modules with battery, installed power 9.61 kWp
  • Áridos El Pinar S.A, Alhaurín De La Torre 145 modules, installed power 66.69 kWp
  • Altos de Puente Romano, Marbella 18 modules with battery, installed power 7.20 kWp
  • Aripisa, Málaga 70 modules, installed power 32.2 kWp
  • Rancho Miraflores, Mijas 118 modules, installed power 47.2 kWp
  • Málaga 23 modules with battery, installed power 7.75 kWp
  • Las Chapas, Marbella 32 modules with battery, installed power 10.08 kWp
  • La Cala de Mijas 12 modules, installed power 3.84 kWp
  • Disofic, Málaga 108 modules, installed power 48.5 kWp
  • Más Social, Málaga 56 modules, installed power 25.2 kWp
  • The Oliv, Mengíbar 240 modules, installed power 110.04 kWp
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Mainly we install solar panels all over the province of Malaga. Some of the locations where we install the most photovoltaic energy are: — MarbellaEsteponaFuengirolaMijasBenalmádenaNerjaTorremolinosAlhaurin de la TorreMálagaRincon de la VictoriaVélez MálagaSan Pedro de AlcántaraBenahavisOjenIstanMondaManilvaTorre del MarTorroxAxarquíaMotril.