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The Importance of Quality in Solar Panel Installation

I am Carlos de las Heras, CEO of Ubora. With over four years of experience in the industry, I have installed more than 500 self-consumption systems, both residential and industrial. Throughout these years, my experience has taught me a valuable lesson that I would like to share: it is always better to choose the highest quality.

Why Quality Is Essential

Choosing quality not only allows me to live better but also ensures the ongoing satisfaction of my clients and guarantees that Ubora grows in a healthy and sustainable way. I have learned that it is preferable to lose a client who is only looking for the lowest price than to install low-quality equipment. Why? Because these cheap systems inevitably present problems in the long run. These problems result in extra hours of work for our technicians, fewer referrals from dissatisfied clients, and ultimately a negative impact on the business.

Understanding the Value of Quality

I want my potential clients to understand this reality. In the world of photovoltaics, just like in many other sectors, there are different levels of quality. We all understand that a Huawei phone costs about 30% less than an iPhone, and we know why: the difference in quality. The same applies to a photovoltaic installation. However, in my opinion, it is even more crucial to always choose and study the best option. Unlike phones, which we replace every three years, solar panels are designed to last a lifetime.

The Benefits of Quality in Photovoltaics

At Ubora, we only install the best of the best. This not only ensures our clients’ satisfaction but also guarantees that our systems operate optimally for many years. By choosing quality, you are not only investing in your energy future but also in the peace of mind and security of having a reliable and durable system.

Additionally, the benefits of opting for high-quality equipment include:

  1. Greater Durability: High-quality systems are designed to withstand the most demanding conditions, ensuring optimal performance over time.
  2. Energy Efficiency: Superior quality equipment tends to be more efficient, resulting in greater energy savings and, ultimately, cost reduction.
  3. Lower Maintenance: High-quality systems require less maintenance and have fewer failures, reducing downtime and additional repair costs.
  4. Long-Term Value: An investment in quality ensures that you get the maximum performance from your photovoltaic system throughout its lifespan, offering a better return on investment.

Comparison with Other Sectors

To put this into perspective, let’s think about other sectors. Take the example of automobiles. The difference between an economical car and a luxury car lies not only in the price but also in the quality of the materials, the technology used, and the overall user experience. The same applies to photovoltaics. A high-quality photovoltaic system will not only provide energy but will do so more efficiently, reliably, and with fewer long-term issues.

Educating Our Clients

At Ubora, we believe in educating our clients. We want them to understand the importance of choosing quality equipment and the benefits that come with it. An informed client is a satisfied client, and a satisfied client is our best advertisement.

That’s why we are always available to answer questions and provide the necessary information so that our clients can make informed decisions.


In summary, by choosing Ubora, you are not only selecting a company with a solid reputation and experience in the sector, but you are also investing in the quality, reliability, and efficiency of your photovoltaic system. Our commitment is to provide our clients with the best possible products and services, ensuring their satisfaction and the continued success of our company.

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