Ubora and Activacar, united for mobility and sustainable energy

In a world where sustainability and environmental awareness have become priorities, strategic alliances between companies promise greener and more innovative business practices. That is why Ubora Solar and Activacar have decided to join forces with the aim of accelerating the adoption of sustainable electric mobility and clean energy.

In this blog, we will explain details of this new collaboration and the impact it will have. We will also explore how it will affect the mobility industry, which is undergoing a quiet but powerful transformation as electric vehicles gain prominence.

Ubora X Activacar

The evident change in the automotive industry is driven by an increasing number of people choosing electric vehicles as a cleaner and more efficient alternative. This has led to the need to establish accessible and abundant vharging infrastructure.

In this regard, Ubora Solar, a company specialized in photovoltaic energy services, has expressed its interest in and support for Activacar, a 100% electric mobility provider. Together, they will work on the installation of the necessary charging infrastructure for Activacar’s electric vehicles, taking on the responsability of promoting increasingly sustainable electric mobility. Additionally, Ubora Solar, as a Premium Partner of Solarwatt, a German solar panel manufacturer, will handle the sizing and installation of photovoltaic projects resulting from this synergy, reaffirming its commitment to renewable energy.

Together towards a cleaner horizon

This perfect synergy will not only benefit both companies, which share the vision of sustainable mobility, but will also contribute to the well-being of individuals and the community at large. By providing a sustainable and efficient charging network for Activacar’s electric vehicles, this alliance joins the growing community of companies committed to reducing emissions and promoting environmentally friendly business practices.

Furthemore, it will offer consumers of these vehicles charging infrastructure that actively contributes to emissions reduction and responsible resource usage.

In conclusion, this agreement represents a necessary collaboration and an opportunity for electric vehicle consumers who will gain access to high-quality electric vehicles and sustainable infrastructure.


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