In a bold and significant move to promote sustainable and decentralised energy production in the south of Spain, Som Energía has selected Ubora Solar as the winner of the engineering competition for the collective purchase of self-production in Eastern Andalusia.

This choice will allow the people and entities of Almeria, Granada, Jaen and Malaga that are members of the cooperative to have a photovoltaic installation and generate their own energy.

In this blog we will tell you all the details: what this collective purchase consists of, who it is aimed at, which company will be in charge of the installation, which packs participants can choose from and how to register.

What does the collective purchase of Som Energía consist of?

Sol-Sur Este 2 Autoproducción is a collective purchasing initiative in Eastern Andalusia promoted by the local groups of Som Energía in Almería, Granada, Jaén and Málaga. Following the example of other successful experiences, this proposal aims to offer Som Energía members the opportunity to purchase self-production photovoltaic installations in the best conditions and from a reliable installation company.

By grouping a significant number of members of the cooperative in the same geographical area, the collective purchases have the purpose of selecting the company with which the members will be able to contract the installation of their solar panels and thus obtain a series of favourable conditions for all the participants.

On the other hand, registering in Sol-Sur East 2 Self-production implies the possibility of accessing different models of photovoltaic installations for self-production of energy offered by the installation company.

Who is it aimed at?

This collective purchase is aimed at people and organisations that are members of the cooperative and have their own roof, well oriented, in the provinces of Almería, Granada, Jaén and Málaga.

Ubora, the company chosen for the installation

Through an engineering competition for photovoltaic system installation companies, Ubora Solar’s proposal was the winning company and was chosen for this campaign. The company demonstrated its experience, quality and technical capacity in the design and installation of solar self-consumption systems. Their customer-focused approach and commitment to quality and safety made them the ideal candidate to partner with Som Energía in this initiative.

The people and/or entities that sign up for the collective purchase will be able to benefit from a comprehensive service from Ubora Solar, which includes advice, material, installation, processing of subsidies in case there are any in place and legalisation.

Thus, the members of Som Energía have the possibility to take advantage of this unique opportunity to reduce their dependence on conventional energy sources and embrace the generation of clean energy in their own homes. With the installation of solar panels on their roofs, they will be able to produce part of their electrical energy and, at the same time, contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions and to the care of the environment.

What products can Som Energía members choose from?

The people who finally participate in the collective purchase of Som Energía will be able to choose between different packs offered by Ubora Solar. In this case, 4 packs for single-phase installations and another 4 for three-phase installations, all with Solarwatt solar panels and Riello inverter.

  • For single-phase installations

Basic single-phase (2.3 kWp): 5 panels for an annual production of 3,000 kWh.

Medium single-phase (3.68 kWp): 8 panels for an annual production of 4,800 kWh.

Single-phase Extended (5.06 kWp): 11 panels for an annual production of 6,000 kWh.

Maximum single-phase (6.9 kWp): 15 panels for an annual production of 7,800 kWh.

  • For three-phase installations

Basic three-phase (4.6 kWp): 10 panels for an annual production of 6,000 kWh.

Medium three-phase (5.98 kWp): 13 plates for an annual production of 7,800 kWh.

Extended three-phase (7.82 kWp): 17 panels for an annual production of 10,200 kWh.

Maximum three-phase (8.74 kWp): 19 panels for an annual production of 11,400 kWh.

In addition, in this collective purchase Ubora Solar also offers the registered persons the option to purchase additional products, such as batteries or electric vehicle chargers. During the technical visit, Ubora will be able to advise participants on these products and their suitability or not depending on the characteristics of each installation or the intended energy uses.

How to register?

The persons and/or entities that want to participate in this collective purchase have to fill in a registration form provided by Som Energía. Once filled in, Ubora Solar will contact them to offer them a personalised study adapted to their needs.


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